Our Services

Full Service Tree Removal

We ensure all brush is chipped and removed, body wood removed, stumps are ground,
and affected yard is raked.

Trimming and Selective Limb Removal

We offer cosmetic trimming as well as removal of dead or dangerous limbs without damaging the integrity of the standing tree.

Stump Grinding

Our grinder is able to removed the main stump and protruding roots. The area can then be filled with new dirt and replanted with grass seed.

Storm Damage

With storms comes heavy winds and at times ice. We are on call for all your storm damage needs including removals off of homes and other structures.


Approximately how much will it be to cut down my tree?

We do not provide over the phone quotes for trees. There are a number of factors that affect the price of  a tree removal. These can include (but aren’t limited to) tree size, access to the tree via gates for equipment, obstructions below the tree such as gardens, sheds, decks, walk ways, driveway, hydro etc., whether the wood is staying onsite or being trucked away, whether we are cleaning up the brush, and whether we are grinding the stump. We will need to come and see the tree and all its surroundings in order to properly give a quote.

Can I help your crew to help bring down the cost?

No. We are a professional business performing a very dangerous task that can cause bodily harm and/or property damage. We do not allow homeowners to assist in the removal or cleanup of any tree. We are fully insured and that insurance that does not cover injury to you.

Can we watch you remove the tree?

Yes. We ask that you stay inside your home or in an agreed upon part of your yard while watching us remove a tree. This ensures you are out of harms way at all times and our crew can focus on the tree and not a homeowner wandering around.

I have a tree that I know is worth a lot of money, how much will you pay me to cut it down if you get the log?

We do not buy logs. The wood of a tree is a byproduct of our business and it is disposed of when we have removed it.  We perform a dangerous service that involves a lot of hazards. If someone tells you they will come and take a tree down for no cost or pays you for it, you should ensure you check their insurance first. We are happy to remove the limbs and leave the body wood standing for you to arrange someone to come and remove at your own convenience and cost if you are wishing to mill or sell the wood.

I would like to keep the wood chips for my garden, does that cost extra?

Absolutely not. We do not sell our wood chips and dispose of them at the end of the day. If you’d like some of the chips from your tree removal left onsite for you to use, ensure to let us know and we will gladly do so.

I have a pile of brush from cleaning up my yard, will you come chip it?

Yes, but we must inspect the pile for metal objects or dirt that may damage equipment.

There is a tree on our house we need removed and our insurance has agreed to pay for it. Will you come remove it and bill the insurance company directly?

We are able to perform insurance tree removals and provide a receipt for you to give to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, we do not directly bill an insurance company. We will bill you as a homeowner for our service as we require payment within 30 days of the job completion. As the homeowner, you are responsible for payment of the bill and we will also send a copy of the bill to your insurance if you’d like.