We have professional and specialized equipment to ensure we are able to remove your tree in a safe and efficient manner and allows us to access trees in even the smallest of back yards. We also rake/leaf blow and remove essentially all trace of the work we have done ensuring the only thing left of your tree is a memory.


Our specialize man lift is able to fit through a 6 foot opening and light enough that it won’t leave ruts in your yard. This allows us more timely trimming as well the ability to remove dead or dangerous trees without risking our own safety by being in an unstable tree.

Compact Wheel Loader

Specialized loader with turf friendly tires. Our machine removes heavy pieces of wood without damaging your lawn.

Wood Chipper

9`` capacity wood chipper to turn branches into usable mulch.

Stump Grinder

Our self driven stump grinder is able to fit through a 34” gate. We can then grind the stump and any protruding roots from the old tree down below grade allowing it to be filled with soil and reseeded with grass.